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Training workbooks

Our workbooks combine learning material with task-based practical exercises. They can be useful to a tutor working with a class or group, or to an individual working alone at a PC.

Using the workbooks

The Library provides workbooks covering Microsoft Office (MS Office) applications and other main items of software that are present on a networked PC. Some of the workbooks have been licensed from external providers for use only by students or members of staff from this University. The licences do not cover the use of these materials in any commercial context. The workbooks may be copied for use within these conditions, provided the copyright notices are left intact.

Downloading workbooks

These workbooks are in pdf format so you will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view or print them. This software is present on all PCs in Library Services areas. Some tasks in the following workbooks use prepared practice files and you can download these for a particular workbook.

Basic Computing




Internet Explorer








Quick Reference Guides

A selection of short guides giving an overview of shortcut keys and toolbar buttons for both PC and Mac users, covering Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and FrontPage and a selection of other popular applications, Dreamweaver, Visio, Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash.

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